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Shabakeh Gostarane Arya Samaneh Co.
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Introduction Services

  • Iran's VoIP
  • International telephone service
  • International Calling

 Iran's VoIP

This company currently contracts with major international operators and carrier Company captured a significant share of the incoming Iran traffic.

 International telephone service in the world

  • Affordable tariffs (up to several times cheaper than a double zero tariffs per country) with best quality
  • Provide a straight line (D-Id) for high-subscribers in Europe and America.
  • The international fast dialing code, without requiring a PIN
  • using telephone book for all subscribers
  • 24 hours support services in all countries covered by the toll-free
  • The possibility of using a two-way system, covering many major countries like:
    • ■   America

    • ■   Canada

    • ■   UK

    • ■   Germany

    • ■   Frace

    • ■    Australia

    • ■   The Netherlands

    • ■    Sweden

    • ■    Switzerland

    • ■   Austria

    • ■    Belgium

    • ■   and etc...

For information on all the services offered and for information on how to subscribe and notification of acceptance Srshmarh all countries covered, please call the sales and support of Iran please contact us +98 (021) 81 64 64 64.

 International Calling

The use of the Internet phone service of aria samaneh system it will be possible for you easy and inexpensive as possible touch with the rest of the world.

Telephone International Subscriptions :

Besides the possibility of using Internet phone calls with cheaper rates and special discounts you can call facility without a pin number (Pincode), phonebook (PhoneBook) that is provided for the making calls as well as take advantages

 For more information you can call the service +98 (021) 81 64 44 44 to call.

Mobile Internet telephony system connection:       82 800       and       81 64 0000

International Calling Cards :

Ability to communicate with all countries would be possible through phone cards.

For Conversation with the rest of the world you can use the cards provided from Aria samaneh Systems.

To purchase a card call to a phone number +98 (021) 81 64 44 44