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DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

Iran DID

SGAS Co, as the authorized entity for providing Iran DIDs in international market, is honored to provide Iran DID numbers to the retailers and operators interested on Iranian telecommunication market. As of our national regulations, up to when the clients provide their destination telephone number and address for each activated DID, they can easily use their DID numbers globally and be in touch with their relatives and family members, wherever they are. For the moment we are providing the DID service only to retailers in wholesale method and we cannot provide DID numbers to end users. For more information regarding Iran DIDs, please keep in touch with our general e-mail address of or call us via +98.21.81644444 (Working Hours 08:30 – 17:00 GMT +03:30).

what is DID ?

Direct Inward Dial (Direct Inward Dialing) or abbreviated DID is a system in which the user, the destination number or the destination of DID numbers (DID numbers of subscribers) and the Subscribers anywhere in the world could answer at the moment

Proprietary telephone (DiD) Iran?

People who live in abroad, study or business, they have a phone number (DiD) in Iran, that calls in connection with it, the phone will automatically be transferred abroad.

How to use?

Imagine that you have a second phone line for themselves, those who want to have contact with you, old-fashioned way with a dedicated phone number (DID) in Tehran contacted you, and you call outside the ATA or home, work or in your phone contacts to your answer.

Who is better?

If you live in abroad, study or work in abroad are the owner of a company or institution, and want a more professional and easier communication with you Bazarayran. (People who are in Iran, can be the phone more than 60 countries in the world to use.)

How dedicated phone line (DiD) to activate?

You can choose your service as soon as proprietary telephone (DiD) and via the internet to your phone can be transferred to any number within and outside the country.

Can proprietary telephone (DiD) in abroad Held in Iran??

People who live in, work or go to school can be customized to your specific phone to ask than 60 countries worldwide, with numbers as soon as they become active and in abroad to transfer any arbitrary number in the way with a dial that number in abroad, contact must be established in the country.

How much does the service cost?

Calls to specific numbers (DiD), or the other people in the background without realizing they are transmitted over the Internet to the phone on the other side of the world, why the cost of the cards much cheaper than regular phone, and even cheaper phone, your calls are answered.

What application DID?
  • Different lines in a community call line
  • Low cost move
  • No need to have the physical location
  • No need to have a physical substrate (physical wiring and fixtures)
  • Integration of different offices and different numbers in a number
  • ...