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If, when using the Arya Samaneh services you want information that will reveal your identity, you can ensure that it is used only in accordance with the principles outlined in this policy. However, we are limited to obligations and responsibilities and capacities of us, and we are not liable for the criminal actions or unexpected events or events that are not attributable or caused by our actions, there will be no liability or obligation.

We will ensure your privacy.
After registration is completed and View the ResultsYou can login to your control panel and your desired settings such as Caller ID, PhoneBook, etc. do in the meantime you can call 24 * 7 support for its outstanding quality and set on the moment to do.

What we do with the information?

We use this information to understand your needs and provide you with suggestions for better use. Specifically, we use the information collected on the site for the purposes:

  • Create a database of customers or potential partners
  • Using information to improve the quality of their products and services, or
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