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How can I transfer online?
You can easily visit Shabakeh Gostarane Arya Samaneh Co. to Address companies from the top in Main Menu Subscribe menu / Online Recharge and Payments than pay to apply online.
What can be done to make better use of the Terms of Service?
Be careful the our number is a landline or Festnetz in Germany, and if you have a flat tariff should contact the Srshmarh free. But look at the numbers prove Germany (Festnetz) in tariffs, particularly if you do not have a mobile which is tariffs Felt Srshmarhy we call in Germany, German local call costs will be calculated according to the tariff of your mobile provider and our control over will not cost some of our customers have thought, but then realized that tariffs Flat Flat rates only include the phone numbers of servers, for example one of our clients and the O2 tariff Flat thought that, but the phone calls and for contacts with O2 free calls to other mobile phones in Germany or the O2 company focused on cost. If you have a Flat Tariff on your mobile or landline numbers Festnetz sure now is the time for you free of charge.