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International Call Service

 International telephone service in the world

  • Affordable tariffs (up to several times the cost of two zero tariffs per country) with best quality
  • Provided direct line (D-Id) American and European Customer
  • No need to PIN to expedite dial international
  • Take advantage of the phone book for all subscribers
  • 24-hour support services in all countries covered by the toll-free number
  • Take advantage of the system bilaterally with covering most of the major states in addition to the Iran as follows:
    • ■   USA

    • ■   Canada

    • ■   UK

    • ■   Germany

    • ■   France

    • ■   Ausralia

    • ■   Netherlands

    • ■   Sweden

    • ■   Switzerland

    • ■   Austria

    • ■   Belgium

    • ■   &...

For information on how to subscribe , please call sales department and Support Iran+98 (021) 81 64 64 64

 international calling

Arya Samaneh to use Internet phone service easy and cheap calls to other countries will be available for you.

Subscribe to International Calls:

Subscribe to in addition to the to using internet phone call rates and cheap discount you out of touch without PIN (Pin Code), phonebook (Phone Book), which is provided as a convenience to contact us as well.

For more information, call the +98(21) 81 64 4444

تلفن های اتصال به سیستم تلفن اینترنتیTelephones number connect to the Internet phone system:       82 800       and       +98 (21) 81 64 0000

International phone cards :

The possibility of conversation with all countries through dial-up cards will be possible.

To converse with other countries of the world can use the provided the Arya Samaneh cards use.

To purchase a card with a telephone number call +98 (21) 81 64 44 44

 Benefits of Internet Phone (International Calling) than the usual method of communication

  • High quality internet phone calls service (international phone) of Arya Samaneh than calls via Telecom
  • Possible to get reports internet phone service in Arya Samaneh (International Calling)
  • International telephone service is less expensive with to calls by Arya Samaneh Contacts
  • Arya Samaneh Support Services 24-hour toll-free number in all countries covered